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Hyaluronic Acid for Humans
Hyaluronic Acid Non-Toxic
Organic One Safe. Natural works
National Animal Supplement Council
Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid Joint pain relief
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Hyaluronic Acid  , Conquer  Free Shipping (with in the US), relief from joint pain,
due to arthritis, Injury or  age.  Oral Hyaluronic Acid is a painless alternative to
injections.   See results within one month.
Hyaluronic Acid supports skin, vision, immune system, circulation, joints, and
shortens recovery time.   
For as little as $20 a month.  

Click link purchase Hyaluronic Acid for
 Horse,  Dog,  or  Human  Joint Health.

Hyaluronic Acid information page can help answer some of  your questions
about HA.

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Hyaluronic Acid Joint Supplement
plus   Organic One Fire Ant Killer
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decreasing joint pain
Fire ANTs are an on going problem.  
Nothing sets my day than to go out an see
ANTs all over my cat"s dry food.  I use
Organic One Fire Ant Killer under and
around my feed bowls, grain containers
and as a barrier around my well pump.  
Organic One One  I'm WINNING!
Thank you,  Sandy
Since 2004
doing the same.  Great stuff!  Also,
ordered HA mom who was barely
using one leg because of knee
pain.  She is 76 yrs old
and was considering knee surgery.  
She isn't now and gets up and
down like
she did years ago.  I guess I should
submit a testimonial  to get 10% off!
Thank you!
Jan, Georgia
free shipping
Same INGREDIENTS different labels

and most have you taking
so many pills. I love that i
get HA affordable and only
have to take two pills once
a day! FAST Free Shipping!
Sandy is so helpful and
responds quickly! Also
love love love the Joint
select 3- my dog with
major joint issues went
from walking on three legs
to running around and
playing with his friends
again! Cant say enough
good things- will ALWAYS
come to Sandy for help
and to buy these great
products at the best
JESSICA, 5/06/13
San Marcos, TX
  •  Hyaluronic Acids  importance in the lubrication of  joints , decreasing joint pain and inflammation.  
  •  Hyaluronic Acid  plays an important role in vision, integrity of tissues, bacterial invasiveness,
    elasticity in skin, circulatory lubricant, and molecular transport between cells for joint relief.
  •   Diets high in Hyaluronic Acid result in smoother skin, better vision, less fatigue, and less joint pain.
  •  People with high levels of Hyaluronic Acid in their diet are believed to be living longer and healthier
    lives, giving Hyaluronic Acid the nickname "fountain of youth"
Conquer for horses
2/26/2014 -
My veterinarian
recommended that I used
Conquer HA for my
performance horses.  I
search the internet found
Horse-Tales.  Great
product delivered very
quickly.  When I needed to
call I was greeted with
great customer service
and my questions were
answered by Sandy!  
Won't get this product
anywhere else!
Jupiter,FL & Ripley, OH
Thank you for
taking time and     
being my customer,
Natural and Safe ways 2 ELIMINATE Irritating PROBLEMS!

Thanks Sandy! Tucker is
having a rough time with
his hips/back legs, but we
are fighting it! HA has
certainly helped!
DIANE, 9/22/14  
Vero Beach, Fl
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  • What is Hyaluronic Acid? Hyaluronic Acid is a component of synovial fluid in the joint capsule and in the
    supporting tissues around the joint.  Hyaluronic Acid is abundant in all the soft-tissue cells of the body. In
    the joint, Hyaluronic Acid is responsible for directly lubricating the joint by making the synovial fluid more
    viscous and slippery, providing cushion and protection against friction.

  • Is Hyaluronic Acid absorbed orally? Yes. Not only have we preformed double-blind placebo
           studies to show the efficacy of Hyaluronic Acid when administered orally, but now research has been
    done in which the molecule has been radio-labeled and tracked into the body.  In one study the orally         
    administered Hyaluronic Acid is absorbed in as little as 30 minutes and peaks at about   5-7 hours in  
    Wistar rats and Beagle dogs.

  • Is there any danger in taking too much? No. Hyaluronic Acid is non-toxic, all natural substance found in the
    body. We have preformed extensive toxicology studies in which 1x, 5x and 10x the recommended serving
    was administered for 90 days with no adverse effects. In laboratory studies 400mg/kg has been
    administered safely.

  • Does Hyaluronic Acid test? No. It is completely natural. There is already an abundant amount of Hyaluronic
    Acid in the body.

  • What is the difference between Hyaluronic Acid and Glucosamine or Chondroitin? Glucosamine
    chondroitin and Hyaluronic Acid are all related molecules; glucosamine and chondroitin are used in joint
    therapy for the repair and rebuilding of the tissue in  the joint: cartilage, tendons, ligaments, etc. Hyaluronic
    Acid works on the joint fluid itself. While glucosamine and chondroitin are long-term therapies and may
    take several months to reach desired result. Hyaluronic Acid works relatively quickly and you should see
    improvement in days or weeks. All three GAGs (glycosaminoglycans) work synergistically together,
    meaning that each ingredient helps the other do its job better and more efficiently.

  • What is the source of Kinetics Hyaluronic? The Hyaluronic Acid used in our products comes from a sterile,
    bio-fermentation extraction process, which is labeled "synthetic". Other sources  of Hyaluronic Acid,
    which are often labeled "natural", may include rooster comb and bovine ocular material.  Our Hyaluronic
    Acid is more ideal and consistent in terms of molecular weight than naturally sourced  Hyaluronic Acid. In
    addition  there is not the same potential of animal protein transference that can cause a severe allergic
    reaction in the synthetic Hyaluronic Acid as a "natural" Hyaluronic Acid.

  • Do Glucosamine and Chondroitin come from animals? Yes. The standard methods of extraction for
    glucosamine and chondroitin from shellfish and bovine trachea respectively. Do not consume glucosamine
    if you are allergic to shellfish.          

                                        ORDER YOUR HYALURONIC ACID Today!

Organic One Commercial Fire Ant Killer
Organic One Best Ant Killer
Material Safety Data Sheet Excerpt
Hazardous Ingredients: NONE.
of a hazardous material as defined in
29 CFR Part 191D.
Horse Tales Hyaluronic Acid + Organic One
Horse Tales Eliminate irritating problems
Organic one's main ingredient is food grade
Diatomaceous Earth (DE) accumulated over
millions of years at the bottom of shallow seas.
When the seas retreated, the diatom remains
were left in stratified layers which can be
mined.  Multiple grades of DE exist, but the most
valuable and useful is food grade DE.  
DE is harmless to mammals and birds
because of their cellular and skeletal
Another critically important feature is
that DE does not contaminate surface
or ground water.
Insects on the other hand are not built like
higher forms of life.  They do not have blood
vessels, only a body cavity that holds fluid.  If
they lose as much as 10% of fluids, they die.
DE helps them lose that vital 10% or more. Most
insects have a "waxy" coating on the outside of
their shell.  
The small DE particles puncture through the
wax coating, causing the insect to dehydrate
and die.  This is all physical, NO CHEMICAL.
Our second ingredient is Pyrethrin, a natural
vegetable extract from a variety of
Chrysanthemum flowers.

Sometimes the Natural Pyrethrins gets confused with
Pyrethroids made by DuPont. Understandable, as you can
see the spelling is similar.

Organic One's 3rd  ingredient is Piperonyl
a natural vegetable extract first
discovered in Sassafras and pepper plants.  It is
used as a synergist to magnify the effects of
Pyrethrin.  A small amount of this (1%) is added
to DE as a quick killing, long lasting insecticide
this is a very effective alternative to
conventional chemicals.
As of 10/03/2018  I'm saddened to say;
That due to health issues the manufacturer of  
Organic One has decided to suspend production.
Organic One sometime in 2019.
Thank you for your loyal support and as always for being my customer, Sandy
*If and when product becomes available you can find your Organic One on  Amazon or CALL me but please leave a message.  
We all get to many unsolicited calls...
I will maintain the site as information only for now.

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